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The fourth chapter of Comic Studio

It seems like our .info site is still in a deep coma… nevertheless that won’t stop us in bringing you the fourth chapter of Comic Studio… this will be the debut of our new redrawer Lurkur… Enjoy Folks…

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Comic Studio Chapter 3!! w00t w00t!

Wow~ another Comic Studio chapter? that’s right!! Open up your eyes because your not dreaming my friends, the third chapter of Comic Studio is out! Special Thanks to Cresent for Typesetting this chapter 😀 and to those who are involved in this project I humbly thank you!! This will be our 6th release! Banzai!  don’t forget to say thanks we appreciate it~ I hope we can keep this up! 😉

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More Iketeru with Rage

After a long wait, the second chapter of Iketeru Police is out. On a somewhat related note, I, the translator of this series, shall take a little break from translating due to work-related issues and a crappy phone network squeezing me out of money. HULK SMASH! SMASH ALL THINGS! RAWR!

Enjoy the chapter, and don’t expect the next one to be out any time soon. Unless you can somehow motivate me with candy and boobs.

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Dracu – Riot! ZERO!!

New Series!!! yay! Dracu – Riot chapter 0 woot woot!! Thanks to xezrei for joining me…. How’s the new look? you like? xD Special Thanks to Paramitan for Translating this… and Finestyle (a very busy dude) for cleaning this for us!, Jagman1x3 for his awesome proofread! Thanks guys and Enjoy! Based on Eroge >.< awesome stuff!!
P.S. It’s short but don’t worry the next chapter will be long… if you know what I mean 😛
Enjoy Guys!!! 

*We are still looking for Translators and Editors 🙂 Apply at our forums.
The next chap of Iketeru Police will be up soon so watch out for it : )
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